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Front Sub-Frame

.     Motor Mount    reinforcement

.     Sway-bar mount    reinforcement

.     Ball Joint Mount    reinforcement

The motor mount tabs on these 30+ year old cars are starting to fail. Swap a heavier motor, add stiffer motor mounts, and or add a little torque and you have a recipe for failure. This modification has a doubler for the mounting holes and boxes in the tabs making for a much stronger mount.

    The sway-bar tabs are another weak spot. I have seen several bent and broken off tabs. This modification adds a strong “backbone” to the tabs so, you will never have to worry about them again.

    I would highly recommend to anybody that is going to have their front sub-frame out of the car do these two modifications unless the car is grandmas grocery getter with an old tired motor in it.

This ball joint reinforcement kit was developed to prevent cracking (shown below) not to repair any such damage. It is recommended that this area be checked periodically for damage especially on race cars. The kit comes pre welded ready for final installation.

Any or all of the options below are available. Sub-Frames can be built, painted, and shipped in advance for minimum downtime.

     Motor Mount /  Sway Bar Reinforced FSF  $180

     Ball joint reinforcement                                $150     

     Ball joint reinforcement kit                            $75

     Powder Coat                                                $100

     Rattle can Black                                         Standard

All cores are checked with a jig for straightness. Sub-Frames have not had any major repairs or have excess rust.

Core Charge is $200

Powder coat
Ball Joint kit

Reinforced Front Sub-Frame