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Motor Mount Arms

These arms adapt an M10 sub-frame to accept a M20 motor.

We eliminate the need to source a 323 sub-frame and arms or E30 arms and heavily modifying your M10 sub-frame to swap in an M20 power plant.

The arms are made out of 1.75" 0.120 wall DOM tube, the plate is 3/16" steel and are multiple pass TIG welded.

The longer "horn" on the M10 sub frame does need to be drilled and cut. The included template, locates off of the original holes so you can easily mark and drill new holes.  The complete modification can all be done in ten minutes from the top side; which means NO sub-frame, steering rack, control arm, etc. removal required.

Price $200 Shipped

Powder Coat +$20

Currently out of stock.

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