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I've cracked a pan through the red46 plate, and literally caught air and bounced on the HIK fab plate with absolutely no issues.

-Larry J - FB3/20

Seriously best skid plate on the market and pays for itself when you save your oil pan. 

-Brandon W - FB 3/20

This is the only skid plate on the market that can take an 80 mph hit to the freeway. Ask me how I know. And the Honda Civic behind me that got showered in sparks lol

- Brent S. FB 3/20

Best money i spent on e30.

Damn things insane the abuse its put up with so far.

-Joel R.

I also have a Hiks Fabrication Skid Plate. It has saved me so many times. Best skid plate imo.

-Kevin R.

Big thanks to John for making such a beefy skidplate. I hit some train tracks in downtown slc going about 40 today and the airbag deployed because of how hard I hit them but my pan was safe. Put a big ass dent right Behind the support bar but it was really a hell of a hit. Glad I had this plate on and not another red 46 because my pan would definitely be a goner.

  1. -grinchxvx

Ran round 2 at my local track Saturday and thought I'd drop a first hand review. I don't get to run counter clockwise often, and I had forgotten how to negotiate this rather large dip in the back section. Not only did it surely save my oil pan, but also saved me a good hour in the hot sun cleaning up the mess I would have left, while a pit full of other drivers were losing track time. The plate took the hit like nothing  and gave me the confidence to shatter my personal best times. If I ever burn through this one over the years, do you sell a replacement plate by itself? Thanks again for a quality product.

  1. -G. Livingston

No issues at all. Thanks for the quality product.

-Sean T

I've bounced my car off the ground and hit train tracks that deployed airbags without breaking a pan.

-Taner E.

I have literally caught air off of this. Plus I'm m42 on tucked 15s, so the lower sump sits on the ground.

-Larry J.